Types of Kayaks and Paddles and equipment

Flat Water Kayaking


Just getting started on the Lakes and Slow rivers Recreational Kayak Sales are Booming!

Touring Kayaks


For those longer trips with Sealed Bulkheads to prevent the kayak from filling up with water in case you tip over.

Sea Kayaks For Long Trips and Big Waters


Going for a long trip or bigger waters like The Columbia River or the San Juan Islands Sea Kayaks are the way to go!

Inflatable Kayaks Fishing Kayaks and Canoes

Inflatable Kayaks !


Great way for having a kayak and having it fit in the trunk of your car and inflate in minutes to go paddling on a river or flat water!

Fishing Kayaks


Off for a day at the lake for some Bass Fishing or Salmon or Steelhead on the local rivers off the Columbia River 

Canoes the way to haul the whole family


 Canoes have been around since the early explorers of Lewis & Clark and are light as ever these days made of Fiberglass for higher end canoes! 

Kayak Paddles

Basic Paddles How Well Do They Hold Up?

Basic paddles from Lifetime Products do the job for most folks Website

Advanced Paddles Lighter Weight

Paddles can range from $49-$150 for a great paddle and do the job for paddling around the Northwest in the lakes and rivers.

Ultra Light Weight Paddles


Bending Branches Website

Eddyline Kayaks also makes paddles Website

Werner Paddles Website

Canoe and Paddle Board Paddles

Canoe Paddles

Quite a few options out there for great canoe paddles

Canoe Paddles Wooden vs Fiberglass

Oldschool vs Lightweight and how long of a trip you plan on going makes the lightweight fiberglass paddle a great option for the canoe trips!

Paddle Board Paddles

Alot of your top kayak paddle makers also have paddle board paddles available.

Kayaks Made Right here in the pacific northwest


Rec Touring and Sea Kayaks made in Washington & Oregon

Eddyline Kayaks Burlington, WA Rec Touring and Sea Kayaks Website

Lightweight Sleek and great looking Kayaks made in Burlington, Washington.

NC Composites Tacoma, WA Website

NW Kayaks Arlington, WA Website

Sterling Kayaks Bellingham Website

Swell Kayaks Bellingham Website

AIRE Inflatables Kayaks and Rafts Boise, Idaho  Website

AIRE offers high-performance, tough, all-season inflatable kayaks designed for everything from playing on whitewater to multi-day packrafting excursions 

Wooden Kayaks 

Pygmy Boats Port Townsend, WA Website

Pygmy Boats is the original manufacturer of precision, pre-cut stitch and glue kayak kits in North America. In the last 32 years our designs have been awarded "Best Kayak Kit" and "Best Wooden Kayak" and are enjoyed by thousands around the world. Started in 1986 by boat designer and software engineer, John Lockwood, Pygmy Boats produced North America's first computer designed wooden sea kayaks. Whether a paddler is novice or advanced in technique, we have a boat kit to suit your needs. Kits are 1/3 the price and 30% lighter than fiberglass with equal durability 

Redfish Kayaks Port Townsend, WA Website

Companies Based in the NW

Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks Bend, Oregon Website

NRS Moscow, Idaho Outlaw Infllatable Kayaks Website

Rec Kayaks Touring and Sea Kayaks


Rec Kayaks and Fishing Kayaks

Touring Kayaks

Sea Kayaks

Sea Kayaks are usually 15 feet and longer and sealed bulkheads to prevent the kayak from filling up with water fully in case of a tip over in open water.

Eddyline Kayaks Website

NC Kayaks Tacoma, WA Website

Nigel Dennis Kayaks Website

Sterling Kayaks Website

Delta Kayaks

Seaward Kayaks

Boreal Designs 

Lumpy Waters Sea Kayaking Oregon Coast Event Website

White Water Kayaks

Pyrahna Kayaks Website 

Jackson Kayak Website

Riot Kayaks Website

Wavesport Kayaks Website

ZET Kayaks Website

More Great Info on Kayaks from Paddling.com

Adding More Great Info All the time want to see something added send a email to Info@NorthwestKayaking.com

Cold Water Kayaking Drysuits

Dry Suits for keeping you dry even if you fall in the cold waters!

OS Systems  Scappoose, OR  Since 1983, OS SYSTEMS has designed and manufactured over 90,000 quality drysuits, along with Thermal Wear and related drysuit accessories, for sport, military and commercial diving, search and rescue/recovery (diving and surface water), maritime and Coast Guard exposure protection, marine biology, aquaculture, fishing & hunting, water skiing, wakeboarding, personal water craft, sailing, canoeing, rafting, white water and sea kayaking.  Website


Stohlquist Waterware 

Shift  $899 Features Offering great flexibility, the Shift is Stohlquist's newest touring drysuit.
The Shift features: an integrated sprayskirt tunnel, Captive Zip™ self-entry
technology, zippered neoprene side & chest pockets, a relief zip,
a removable hood, and a unique stand-by mode. While it looks like separate
jacket and pants, the Shift is actually a 100% dry, one-piece suit.

Amp  $629 Features - Whether whitewater kayaking or sea touring, the Amp provides the
weatherproof protection and comfort you need.

 $499 Features Excellent weatherproof protection combine with outstanding comfort to
create a great all-around drysuit.

 Stohlquist Waterware Website

Immersion Research Top Notch Suits to keep you dry. Website

NRS Northwest River Supplies Moscow, Idaho Website 

Kokatat  Arcara, CA Website

More Budget friendly dry suits from Mythic Drysuits

Value for paddlesports enthusiasts: that's what Mythic Gear is about. We want you to paddle your packraft, kayak, canoe, raft or SUP in comfort and safety and at the best possible price from Park City, Utah.

Dry Tops and Dry Pants are great for rafting and shallow creeks.

More Info Coming soon


Handy Gear to carry on every trip


Dry Bags and Dry Boxes

Pack a dry bag big enough for a spare change of clothes or a jacket to keep warm just incase of going for a swim.  Link to Seattle Sports Dry Bags

 Dry Boxes Big Enough to keep your Phone Wallet and Keys Dry and Secure attached to the inside of the kayak in case of a tip over. 

Siphon Pump

Always handy to pump out any water that might get in your kayak from a wave or small rapid.

Float Bags

Need extra flotation in the kayak?

Throw Rope or Tow Rope

Always handy to take a 20' to 30' Rope for towing or throwing !

Safety Kit

Make a safety Kit never know when something might happen on a trip and you might need some essential gear fire starter packets, flash light, pockcet knife, duck tape etc..

Extra Food and Water

As simple as it might seem once you hit the water for a day trip make sure you are stocked up with a good supply of food and water for the day.

Great Kayaking Resources

The American Canoe Assiciation

ACA Canoe kayak sup raft race



  • Founded in 1880, The American Canoe Association (ACA) is a national nonprofit organization serving the broader paddling public by providing education related to all aspects of paddling; stewardship support to help protect paddling environments; and sanctioning of programs and events to promote paddlesport competition, exploration and recreation. Website

Washington Water Trails Association


  • Washington Water Trails Association based in Seattle provides great maps and cleanup efforts in Western Washington for paddlers to enjoy!


Tualatin Riverkeepers


  • Tualatin Riverkeepers is a community-based organization working to protect and restore Oregon’s Tualatin River system.  TRK builds watershed stewardship through education, public access to nature, restoration and advocacy. 


Willamette River Keepers


  • Willamette Riverkeeper’s sole mission is to protect and restore the Willamette River.  We believe that a river with good water quality and abundant natural habitat, safe for fishing and swimming is a basic public right.  The Willamette River belongs to all of us, and should be protected as such.  


Wild and Scenic Rivers Act


Paddling Magazine


  • Get a Free Copy of Paddling Magazine with lots of great info on equipment and excellent places to paddle Paddling Magazine.com

Paddling Magazine Buyers Guide Website

Shop your local kayak Canoe shop

Washington Kayak Shops

Idaho Kayak Shops

Paddle Boards

Paddle Boards are growing in popularity all over the place and kayak retailers carry them most of the time as well!


Canoe like the old pioneers and pack more gear!

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